Sixteen Decembers

(Lyrics - Travis Bulford; Music - Stefan Kutranov)

The December rain keeps falling down tonight flooding the city streets again gathering in small groups just to keep warm people crowd the corners everywhere individuals daring to dream of happiness always feeling closer, closer to their day never, never getting any where.

Shrouded by the darkness every person sells their trade some providing substances of hallucination bringing brief happiness in amongst the desperation others selling goods that have no origin only to steal them back again still others having nothing to sell at all selling all they have _ themselves.

Silhouettes standing under a dim street light crowded, but alone amongst the night a young girl leans against a car casually looking at the driver within conversation flows between the two the overweight man intent on sin the girl steps around, around the car opens the door and climbs in.

The streets are as crowded as they've ever been still no-one notices this dark deal in the city this is common, no-one stops to feel later on into the night a car arrives its journey done the young girl and the man step out in her hand a gratuitous sum.

Further into the night the girl stands alone again to herself crying secret tears in vain compassionately washed away by the December rain the deeds she does; feels she has to do inflicts her with incurable pain but tonight its particularly worse because tonight she turns sixteen.

Sixteen Decembers have passed her by the more she thinks of it, it makes her cry Can you feel, her pain? Sixteen and standing, standing in the rain.

Back in the place that was her home her mother sits tonight staring at the sixteen candles she knows she'll never light.