Blood On My Hands

(Lyrics - Nick McKenzie; Music - Stefan Kutranov)

Winter darkness closing in. Left alone with blackest sin. Voices in my head again. Telling me I am insane.

Chorus: In the dark, the cold & the pain. Steals my breath & scours my brain. In the night, she comes again. Sin of mine, as now as then. Bridge: -I stole her life- -I stole her life- -Her blood on my hands- -Her blood on my hands- -Her blood on my hands- -Her blood on my hands-

Visions running through my head. Pain of the living, joy of the dead. Each night alone, I call her name. It was my choice, & I chose pain.


In the prison of my mind. The pain of loss is trapped inside. This, my burden, I will not share. I call her name but she's not there.

Chorus: Bridge:

Terrible choice, that I have made. Condemns my soul until the grave. In selfish greed I took her life. It was my choice & I'll pay the price.


I live in hope that someday. I'll have a chance, a chance to repay. Her innocent blood is on my hands. Her final screams I cannot stand.