The Dreamer

(Lyrics -Travis Bulford, Marco Gaminara; Music - Nick McKenzie)

Johnny falls asleep again tonight! things are in his dreams he cannot fight! reality is crushing him so tight! Johnny is the beast again tonight!

Dreams are just a screen!

Johnny feels free to roam again tonight! Johnny dreams a way for him to fight! The dreams are forcing people into flight! Johnny's reign of terror rules the night!

Dreams are chasing me!

REALITY! - just a dream! MORALITY! - just a dream! SANCTITY! - just a dream! SANITY! - just a dream!

Do you feel safe to dream tonight? Rest your head & close your eyes real tight! Johnny prowls their dreams again tonight! I think I'll be Johnny again tonight!

Dreams are cursing me!

Running through the trees. Fact or fantasy. The dreams are chasing me. They won't leave me be.

Turn around don't fight. Ignore them escape your plight. Fade away like smoke. Reality's a joke.