Fear No Evil

(Lyrics & Music - Stefan Kutranov)

Yea though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for the lord Your god, your imaginary friend, Is as real as the devil, your imaginary fiend.

Pray, oh, pray, put all your weight On the crutch that has been forged From the blood & bones of men Pray, oh, pray, give up all your guilt The church will wash you clean to live on your blessed life.

Bow your head now & bow your will You may not ever dare to think Believe the words they hold out to you Given to them thy their god or demon All the imaginary beings that should have left with childhood.

Deluded old & such frightened young Caught while they're oh so weak Twist their thoughts & scar their minds Just make sure that they believe For power comes from the numbers & money makes them rich.

Hear me now oh mindless ones All the truth I do not hold But this I have to give you No evil shall I fear, no good beseech For god & satan reside in me, as in us every one.