Infernal Flames

(Lyrics - Stefan Kutranov; Music - Kerryn Wood, Stefan Kutranov)

The night is silent, dark & serene Lying in sleep, dreaming in peace Nature is smiling, recovering her breath Creation is happy, content in its rest

Chorus: Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Drawn from the deep, power from the P.I.T.T. They surge up in ecstasy, dreams all fulfilled Released from the night, by the infernal flames.

Forces are moving, gleeful in play Bonding & running, babes of it all The beauty of childhood, enjoyed to the full Caring for nothing, fulfilling their need

Bored of the darkness, nothing awake Prodding & taunting come out & play Tired of waiting, confined to the night Ripping & rending, in the back of their minds

Frustration & anger, combine with might No one to play with, they turn on the dark Holding them back, from the adventure of day Imprisoning force, trapping them all

Light of the day, embrace the sun Fire creating, potential mounds of fun Fire creating, they ponder & brood Light of creation, by fire is brewed