Gathering of Introverts

(Lyrics - Marco Gaminara; Music - Stefan Kutranov)

Dream of the devil, wake in fright shan't have my soul without a good fight I may go to hell to rot probably be my own fault once I'm down there I won't complain because I know that I am to blame down here w/ me there'll definitely be others begging, crying, pitiful mothers.

He will beg and entice me make me king of all that I see words he uses have no pulse promises he makes they are false let him burn in his fire I don't trust the fucking liar in his hell he can stay this is a game I don't wanna play.

The devil ain't nice he ain't good just a thieving, robbing hood all he wants is your soul that is his only goal someone save me from this plight don't think I'll survive this fight please don't ever let him win I won't never, never give in.

Satan's warm breath in my face nothing'll ever hide my disgrace here I burn and suffer in vain all this has no real gain to my life nothing he gave now I am his howling slave here I'll burn for ever and ever but submission? HELL NEVER.

Now it's time for me to take over demons are all running for cover burning hell is my domain become lord of all things profane master ruler of all I see Satan now worships me fear evoked by my name all that's left is eternal pain.

I've now chosen my vocation can be summoned by incantation everything I do has it's price feelings as cold as ice now your soul belongs to me for I am called Mephistopheles here I sit bored as hell time to conquer heaven as well.