The Hand That Feeds

(Lyrics - Marco Gaminara; Music - Stefan Kutranov, Kerryn Wood)

I do what I can to make you happy But what is it that you expect of me? Everything done falls short of expectations Will I ever live up to your extreme standards?

Chorus: The hand that feeds Is the hand that bleeds It makes me suffer Like no other

I live the life that you want for me Doing all that you never got to. Am I to blame for all your failures? You'll never correct them w/ my successes Chorus:

I can shoulder only so much hatred Resentment, frustration & anger Before I begin to buckle under pressure I must start to fight back, make my stand.


Rage in my eyes, never seen before W/ every blow, I hit harder than before The pleading in your voice completely ignored I am my own man, I live as I choose

Final Chorus: The hand that fed Was the hand that bled I made it suffer Like no other.