Cage In Hell

(Lyrics - Marco Gaminara; Music - Stefan Kutranov)

Roaming free w/ not a care in the world The whole savannah is its hunting ground Hunter becomes the hunted now Trap is sprung its world is about to change

Chorus 1: Man is master of all that he surveys Answers to no-one as told to by god Taking from nature to display in a cage But when there's nothing left, what then?

Attacking the cage bars w/ all its might Biting & tearing & ripping & bleeding It'll never give up w/o a fight Tranquilliser dart now puts it to sleep

Awakening in a foreign land Poked & prodded & put to sleep again Tests are done to determine health Where to now only time shall tell?

Zoos are full so it won't go there Biotech labs readily accept their share Nano-technology injected into blood The real fight for life has just begun

Chorus 2: More machine now than biological Created by man for his need to kill Leading to his final obliteration & When there's nothing left, what then?

Metamorphosis now takes place Armoured fur & laser red eyes Claws that can cut through titanium steel No cage can hold its intent to kill

Keepers run as their creation breaks free Futile screams echo on sterile walls Blood-soaked floors, lifeless corridors A deadly trail leading to freedom