(Lyrics - Nick McKenzie; Marco Gaminara; Stefan Kutranov Music - Stefan Kutranov)

Maybe flagellation will wash away his sin. Pain of crucifixion - the madness never ends. If I say I’m guilty - they’ll take away the pain. If I say I’m innocent - they’ll find anther way.

Inquisition! Fear of the unknown. Drive Satan from his throne. Slaughter of the sane. Purify through pain.

Thousands to slaughter - in the name of god. Guaranteed salvation written in innocent blood. Religion is the answer - burn away the sin. Reason is the question - god knows what’s within.

Inquisition! ...

The sound of my persuasion cut in through my pain. Offering salvation if you agree to what they say. Stretch your soul to breaking - then they start again. ‘Til you sign their paper they won’t go away.

Inquisition! ...

Killing for your god, murder I say. An excuse to rid yourself of any in your way. Your priest a witch-hunter, the justice of god. A perversion of religion, their belief only of fear, their faith only in death.

Terrify the masses - w/ your holy talk. Pacify the people - for they are your flock. Hide behind the word of god - atrocity in his name. If they go against your word - let them feel the flame.

Inquisition! ...

Science set back hundreds of years. Oppressing the through ignorance & fears. They called them dark ages cos. that’s what they saw. Yet they made them darker w/ their unholy war.

Inquisition! ...