Lover's Lament

(Lyrics - Marco Gaminara, Stefan Kutranov; Music - Stefan Kutranov)

The pain in my heart. Burns in my mind. Eats at my soul. Feasting on life.

The desire I feel for you I keep trapped inside. Trying to deny but there's nowhere to hide. Never will I have the one in my mind.

No reasons to die. Less reasons to live. Had all there was. What more could I give?

Hopeless loser at this game of love. I do my best but it's just not enough. Hope fades from my screen of life.

The despair that I feel. Tears me inside. Killing my will. To live this life.

Ripped out my heart for the sake of lust. Thought it was love but it all turned to dust. My cherished prize tarnished as if w/ rust.

Regret I feel for what I've done. To me it felt justified at the time. As I watch those that truly loved. Mourning over my lifeless husk. Time to question what I have won. Was it all worth that which I lost.