Little White Room

(Lyrics - Marco Gaminara Music - Stefan Kutranov)

I'm the only one, that should be in my mind Why do they need to know, exactly what I'm thinking? All these fucking questions, I cannot hide from them My feelings are my own, & should not concern U My silence just brings rise, to harsher forms of questioning Strapped to the table, they bring their mental probe

When they return me, to my little white room I stare blankly @ the wall, no longer thinking My mind it has been, completely wiped clean I no longer know, who I really am Being taught to think, the way they want me to Memories now flood back, I know now why I'm here

The walls ... crushing me! The voices ... drowning me! Everyone ... chasing me! Paranoia ... killing me!

Why? Why me? Leave me alone! Leave me! Someone! Anyone! Help me! Please!!!!

There is no escape, I am trapped in here They want to crush, my will to live again A mindless slave, is easier to control Fed their mindnumbing, poison everyday Slowly it gets to me, placidly I behave They have won the war, & completely killed my brain

But man has will, that is indomitable Slowly I wean myself, from their mind control Fighting w/ myself, I make my mind my own Never can they take, my desire for life Or will to be, free from here once again I would rather die, than be braindead here!