(Lyrics - Nick McKenzie, Marco Gaminara; Music - Nick McKenzie)

Death will come - for you. There is no place - to hide. He will take - away. All the pain that - is trapped inside.

Chorus: Death may come tonight - maybe tomorrow. Take away all you've got - leave only sorrow. Cares not for cries or pleas - your time is up. Live life for today - you'll cheat him not.

Death comes for - king & pauper. Takes away - son & daughter. Life's wheel - ever turning. Soul's candle - ever burning.

Why am I - feeling dead inside. Have no feelings - nothing to hide. Don't care for life - just say goodbye. Quitters option - through suicide.


If I killed you - would I feel, Any better. - For some company, On this journey - ever after. Mourners weeping - Reaper's laughter.

Had a life - but it's over now. Threw it away - w/ foolish pride. Reaper's clock was - always running. Grains of sand - slipping by.


Don't wait for - things to happen. Turn around and - make them real. Day of Judgment - ever closer. Death's grip is - made of steel.