Flames of Power

(Lyrics - Stefan Kutranov; Music - Kerryn Wood, Stefan Kutranov)

Surging w/ power They rear up in triumph Light of the day For them now into play

Chorus: Fire creating Darkness awaiting Fire enthralling Darkness is calling

A joyous occasion They frolic & stomp Spinning & jumping Their dream realised

Joined by others & Copied by all Friendship found where None thought possible

Throughout the day Basking in glory They gaze up in awe At the fire creating

Giving them power To do as they will Giving them power To lose their control

Turning their backs On the ones left behind The only true friends That remained in the dark

Jumping & stumbling They revel in their power Spinning & falling No longer the same

Slowly & surely their Strength torn away Blazing in glory Themselves bleached away