Rape of Innocents

(Lyrics - Nick McKenzie Music - Stefan Kutranov)

I saw a young man he died on the sidewalk. I saw his mother w/ tears in her eyes. I know the evil that lead to his downfall. No one could help him for it was too late.

I saw a young girl gunned down in anger. I saw the gunmen w/ hate in their eyes. Saw the ground open to swallow her young blood. And as she was dying she asked only "Why?"

Chorus: Who are the dealers that feed us their poison? Where are the leaders that sold them our sons? Why are the innocent raped & discarded? Why are the guilty rich w/ their blood?

I saw a young man whose body was ruined. Torn away by devices of war. They felt no pity as he screamed for mercy. Their loved ones are home safe & warm.

I saw a man who stole away virtue. He always wanted what he could not have. He didn't care for the damage inflicted. He would always be her first love.