Rogue Trooper

(Lyrics - Nick McKenzie, Stefan Kutranov, Marco Gaminara & Guinness Stout Music - Nick McKenzie)

Born into - a world of pain. Angels & devils - they know my name. The battle fields - they're all the same. Screams of the dying - they come again.

Chorus1: Fight to the end - never surrender. Forced retreat - hell never.

No hate - yet I kill. Made to fight - I do their will. Following orders - I kill again. Killing others - I feel their pain.


What will - become of me. War's over - but I'm not free. The stench of death - it follows me. Living to kill - killing to be.


I live - but who am I? Seen the truth - behind their lies. Feeling no love - or no hate. When now - I plot escape.

Chorus2: I fought to the end - never surrendered. I played my part - now it's ended.

I live now - for their pain. Fight for rights - not their gain. They used me - I'll kill 'em all. I know now - I have a soul.


Knowing now - that I'm free. I have won - my victory. Living now - as a man. Not a robot - I know I am.