(Lyrics - Travis Bulford, Nick McKenzie,
	    Marco Gaminara, Stefan Kutranov
 Music - Nick McKenzie)

I want to be all that I can be, I can't see no good in me. I don't want your sympathy, Can't you be my sanctuary?

Truth or lies it's all absurd, You're the one who makes it work. Hunger grows inside of me, Won't you be my sanctuary?

I can go it alone if I must, I must tell you it's no physical lust. What I need from you girl, no man can pay, I'm begging you girl, be my sanctuary

You don't want to be w/ me. Can't you see you're hurting me? Why won't you shelter me? All I need is sanctuary.

Anger builds inside of me. I don't need you to set me free. I am more than you will ever be. I don't want your sanctuary.

Love will always have its price. Life can change w/ the roll of the dice. No need for you girl, I've found my way. Not begging you girl, to be my sanctuary.