Nightmare Skies

(Lyrics - Marco Gaminara; Music - Stefan Kutranov)

I lie in bed @ night Picture the sky in my mind The stars are shining bright When the vision Takes me far from here To another place Where one sun shines & Constellations differ

I am not safe here Taken against my will, stolen from my world Why was I brought here? No one can tell me, they don't understand (Why?)

Not a warrior Have no desire to fight A pawn in a senseless war Why must I die tonight? Here on this world Which is not my own Every night I cry Please take me home

Make my stand Don't get in my way You'll kill with me They've outlived our stay We stumble & fall But won't give in Back against the wall Fighting harder still

They can't keep me here I will fight, I will get home I have a right to live & Will kill for that right (& Die)

Make way to ports We board their ships Our blood flow w/ theirs No one ever wins Taking to the air W/ a victory cry Soaring away I burn in the night sky