Why Should I Believe?

(Lyrics - Nick McKenzie; Music - Nick McKenzie, Stefan Kutranov)

The lord is not my shepherd. Why should I believe? The cards are on the table. The ace's up my sleeve.

The prayers in your pocket Won't save you from today. I will go & live my life I'll leave you here to pray.

Chorus: I don't believe in heaven I don't believe in hell Why must I sit & rot In religions prison cell?

You call me unbeliever, But you don't understand. The entity that you call God. The power is in your hands.

Come the day that I meet God My judgment day arrived. I will not kneel I will not bow. I hold my faith inside.

Your faith in your religion Is plain for me to see. Cower away say your prayers Leave the rest for me.

God is not a 'person'. Religion is a farce. Opiate of the masses. Proof of God is sparse.