What a Beautiful World

(Lyrics - Stefan Kutranov; Marco Gaminara Music - Stefan Kutranov)

Look around you what do you see? They scurry like ants as if they’re free Looking for a purpose to make them feel alright Searching, searching through the wilderness of life. Fighting, killing, killing & hating. A pain filled world that should be full of beauty Death is all around you it’s not worth blinking @, You’d miss too much if you stopped to care.

Chorus1: Escape is sought in your stimulants The only reality is that of the pill Soothing the horror, killing the pain Cleansing your mind, destroying your brain Zoning out into another dimension Making it last to avoid this reality I love my life; my life is so beautiful I love this planet what a beautiful world.

Slowly your life decays away A pariah for the world to scorn Blending into the social decay Ignored & forgotten, alone & forlorn Stepping over you passed in the street Begging for money, “get a fucking job” Drink it all away, “you’re all the fucking same” A human wasted life, an old & discarded rag.

Why are we here? Is no longer important A question forgotten, in the mad rush. Meaningless lives are sped through with No thought given to anything beyond God will save us, that is what they say We saw it on TV, so it must be true So do as you want salvation is easy Just find a priest before you’re found dead

Chorus2: Take as you need others just don’t matter Satan laughing as he watches it all You’re living your lives by his teachings But still going to church & praising your god Survival & pleasure is all that you care for Fuck all the others why should you care? I love my life; my life is so beautiful I love this planet what a beautiful world.

You live before you die You watch as your loved ones fall like flies You cry & you mourn, you live the lie Did you really love them @ all? Life goes on, you must carry on The world will go on, even if it’s without you “People die all the time, so fucking what?” Deal w/ it. Deal w/ life, or don’t.