P.I.T.T. EP Cover

It was finally released in March 2000!!

Well what do you know?? Three & a half years in the making & now it's finally available for mass consumption.
The CD has 9 tracks, contain over 35 minutes of music & is for sale for R60 ($8US/6).
The way to go about getting a copy of this CD is to us & we'll get you a copy ASAP!

The following six songs are on the CD.

The Hand That Feeds MP3 or OGG - was recorded on the 24th of August 1999 @ B# Studios in JHB.

Gathering Of Introverts (1999) MP3 or OGG - was recorded live on the 12th of January 1999 on the 5fm TDK sessions @ 23h30.

Little White Room MP3 or OGG - was recorded on the 10th of January 1999 @ B# Studios in JHB. This is the heaviest song we'd recorded at that time & kicks major butt.

These next three songs were recorded in October 1997 @ B# Studios in JHB.
The Dreamer MP3 or OGG - is a nice slow doom death song about lycanthropy.
Prison MP3 or OGG - is kinda our 'punky' number cos it's so bouncy.
Rogue Trooper MP3 or OGG- is a typical thrash song, nice, fast & heavy.