Andrew was an apprentice mechanic and would've had more uses than just his bass skills when we're on the road, if we ever get on the road that is.

Andrew was the last member to join the band, just two short weeks before our first gig where he performed up to our expectations, & since then has proceeded to blow us away w/ his ever increasing talent, & desire to get heavier & faster, which Marco agrees w/.

Sadly Andrew & Caleb have left P.I.T.T. to go their own separate ways. They will be sorely missed, and we wish 'em Godspeed in whatever endeavors that they wish to follow.

Andrew is now jamming w/ Colin (ex- Golgotha, guit & vocals) & Shane (drums). And as soon as they're up & gigging, we'd like to do some gigs w/ them.

We would all like to thank Andrew for going beyond the call of duty & being a true man of his word when he said:"I'll help U guys out if U ever need me." & we have needed him on a few occassions this year (1997) & he's always been more than willing to pull our bacon out the fire, even tho' on a few of those occassions he had to change his own plans to help us out. He is one of the greatest guys we all know, & we're all sad he left us, but he's always been there for us & I certainly hope we'll be there for him if he ever needs us.

Thanx again dude, & remember we love U man!