P.I.T.T. is Marco on Vocals; Stefan on Guitar; Kerryn on Drums, Alex on Guitar.


After a brief four months playing bass for us, Marius decided to return to South Africa.

Steve "Jesus" Green was coerced to manage & promote us for the next few months. But owing to his commitment to his webzine Live 4 Metal, he wasn't really able to do us the justice that he wanted so he has resigned from this position. "Jesus" also roped his fellow Brit "Doogz" to assist him on this endeavour, whom has since "joined the army", actually I'm being serious here, he's now in the M.O.D..

Take a look at the longest standing bassist we've ever had. Tamlyn played bass for us from August 1998 'til December 2000, & is & shall always be our first female member.

Dave is THE soundman we've grown to love, he was always there in the background, & I guess we've just forgotten that, so here's a page for him. Tour of Duty was from Dec '96 to Feb '01.

We used have Filippo on Bass & sometimes lead guitar, but he too has gone his own way. We all had plenty of fun playing w/ him, but alas such is life & the hunt begins once more. Tour of Duty was from Hallowe'en '97 to May '98. He has volunteered to help us out again now that we've relocated to the UK, until we find a permanent bassist.

Take a look at the newest addition to the P.I.T.T. X-camp, Bernard was our new bassist & played his first gig w/ us on the 4th of April 1998 @ Icon. He played about 2 more after that & went MIA!

Ritchie played bass for us for a short stint between July & September '97, & helped us out tremendously during our Wings BoB gigs & also recorded 3 songs w/ us in October '97.

Nick who was on Lead Guitar had to leave us too, but we hope he'll still have plenty of song writing input which we'd hate to loose. Tour of Duty was from before we were P.I.T.T. 'til June '97.

We'd like to thank our latest bassist Steven who played his first gig w/ us @ the Agro CD Launch & two others after it, but due to time constraints, we had to go our separate ways. ToD: March to June '97.

& ex-members Andrew on Bass[ToD: April '96 to Feb '97]; and Caleb on Drums [ToD: from before we were P.I.T.T. 'til Feb '97], who left us on grounds that they could not handle the Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle we're bound to lead.