We've collectively decided that since Dave had been w/ the band longer than most of the members he deserved his own page.

Dave's responsible for nearly all the cool pics on this page [an honour that has since gone to Tamlyn's FT, Warren] & he also happens to have volunteered his services to us as a sound engineer & electric engineer, making sure we sound killer & gigs, & making the amp that makes us sound killer @ gigs.

Dave's an all round nice guy & is always @ gigs (unless he's asleep & forgets that they are happening). He also has an extensive archive of videos that have been taken @ these things. He also has the only recording of the original line-up doing songs that haven't been done since Dec '96.
But now that we've moved to the UK he's no longer there to help us out @ every gig, & it's really sad. :-(

Go to his website.