Filippo volunteered to help us out again, now that we've relocated to the UK, until we find a permanent bassist. But sadly owing to being in Spain when our 1st gig was meant to take place we've had to look elsewhere for help. [June 2001]

Filippo is the third member of the once great band 'Brutal Awakening' to play w/ P.I.T.T. this year, the others being Ritchie & Tulsa. He played lead for us @ one gig & has played bass @ two others, he can play both equally well. & Since the addition of Bernard, he's moved back to the position of lead.

He's a fucking amazing musician & he played his first gig w/ us on the 31st of October 1997 @ Wings on Hallowe'en. He has played 2 other gigs for us so far, one @ a 21st & then the following afternoon @ Morgan's Cat, where we all had a blast.

As soon as he returns from his vacation in the fairest Cape, he'll be jamming w/ us again. & Since we've already got 4 gigs lined up for the next 6 weeks (29th Jan - 7th March '98) the sooner he gets back the better. & he got back in time to play both gigs too.

And he finally left us after playing the Wings gig on the 9th of May.