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Our debut CD was released in December 2000!!

After spending almost 3 months getting our shit together, from the day we started recording to the day we got our CD's back from the pressing plant, we're finally ready to share our souls with all of you that are interested in hearing what we've done.
The CD has 99 tracks, contain over 60 minutes of music & is for sale for R70 ($10US/£8).
The way to go about getting a copy of this CD is to us & we'll get you a copy ASAP!

The following two songs are taken from the CD & a sample of what U have to look forward to.
Cage In Hell MP3 or OGG - A fast & hectic song with plenty of power behind it.
Shrouds Of Darkness MP3 or OGG - The second & faster part of the Darkness opus.