Steve "Jesus" Green is probably more well known in the UK for his online FanZine Live 4 Metal, but he also used to run a metal label here so there are plenty of people that he knows in the UK scene.

P.I.T.T. have hooked up w/ "Jesus" & "Doogz" in the hope of having them lead us to 'greener' pastures in the fair, but soggy, fields of the UK.

PS: JC doesn't know we've created this page for him, but I'm expecting a flood of mail from him when he eventually finds it. U'll be kept posted. :-) [20/7/2001]
I got a few minor threats, involving death & mutilation, but I'll ignore those... ;-)
Let's see what he says about this cool link that I'm adding where U can go dress him up. Heh, heh, heh. [14/08/2001]
Well I got called tons of names, but a link was also put up from his personal site, so he must've taken it in good humour.

Owing to his commitment to his webzine, Live 4 Metal, he wasn't really able to do us the justice that he wanted so he has resigned from this position. [Jan 2002]

or go to his website.