Marius started as lead guitarist in Nocturnal Dominion in the late twilight of 1996.
After a year of gigs in 1997, Nocturnal recorded a self titled EP and the song 'Hepheastus' features on the New Breed 1 compilation.

At the New Breed compilation launch gig in Durban , he was first introduced to the guys from P.I.T.T.

After Nocturnal Dominion split, he went on to play guitar for Imperial Empire, up until his "relocation" to London, UK in September 2002.

It is here were he stumbled into the P.I.T.T bandmembers again and found himself playing bass for them.

In his spare time he likes to learn how to program and dreams of cute gothic chicks.

Sadly on the 7th of August 2003 Marius left London to return to South Africa to continue his IT career & live closer to his family. We too shall count him as part of our family & shall miss him even tho' he was only in the band a short while, we all became really good friends.