Nick was studying Information Systems at Wits U. & was working on a computer game called "TOXIC bunny" where he wrote the ultra demented script (I think).

Nick also penned therest of the music we played whilst he was in the band and also wrote exellent lyrics to Marco's dismay.

All info below is from 1997.

He now sez he's investing in a communication device to enable us to track him down to the ends of the earth for whatever reason we desire. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Nick did get this device & it did make him easier to reach for a while. & Now the poor bugger has lectures on the nights we practise so he & Steve still have to learn to play together & soon. Something that never really happened as neither of them ever came to the same practice.

Sadly Nick had to leave us, as he has too many other commitments at the moment (primarily working for Celestial on games) & couldn't give us the commitment he thought we deserved. Of all our members we'll miss him the most as he contributed a hell of a lot to the band, & as a founding member w/ Stef wrote the rest of our music. He said that he'd still write music & lyrics for us, which is great as the boy has an amazing talent for this.

Tour of duty was from before we were P.I.T.T. 'til June '97.