Ritchie volunteered to be our bassist again, now that we're all in the UK together, but unfortunately owing to work commitments that shall keep him out of the country more often than in, we sadly shan't be able to play together. We would've loved for this to work out, but sadly it shan't be so. [June 2001]

All the info below here was added in 1997 when Ritchie was jamming w/ us way back then.
He's an amazing musician & learnt our stuff really quickly and has added a whole new dimension to our 'new' sound. He played his first gig w/ us on the 6th of August 1997 @ Wings in the Battle of the Bands. & he played damn well ousting all other bassists for the title of 'Best Bassist' for our heat.
He also played bass on the 3 songs recorded @ B# studios in October 1997. So he'll go down as a recorded member... ;) nice pun huh?