Steve was our newest recruit, after the sad loss of our previous bassist, but sadly he too is gone. This is because he couldn't give P.I.T.T. the commitment we want and need, and now as a family man, he has even less time.

Steve's skills @ bass are damn fine & as soon as he has an amp (which he still doesn't have) & we have a drummer we'll definately see an improvement in the P.I.T.T. camp, music wise. WE hope.

He is now the proud father of a beautiful baby girl, Macaela Marie, who was born on Friday the 25th April 1997 @ 20h29. & this had better not get in the way of his musical career (which unfortunately it did) or we're gonna have to spank him silly (which we didn't cos the kid's enough stress as it is). His lovely wife Janine is recovering well & is delighted w/ her new daughter. & I guess we'll all be uncles now. Damn this is a wierd feeling.

We're gonna have to get special wittle ear-plugs made for her so that she can attend her daddy's band practice (which he never came to again since her birth so...). Which he'd better not start skipping using her as an excuse (well... he did make one [practice that is... not excuse]).

He also had another sprog in December 1999 & then moved to the UK in September 2000. No-one has heard from him since.

And as I normally say I'll add more when I have more to say. Which I guess I shan't be doing anymore.

Tour of Duty was from March to June '97.