Kerryn is our drummer & has been since June 1997.

He's a damn good drummer & now a very important part of us, which is something we really lacked in our previous members. He played his first gig w/ us on the 28th of June 1997 & impressed the hell out of us. We will go far with him cos he is as dedicated to the P.I.T.T. cause as the two remaining members of the original line-up, & that can only mean good things.

He plays a 5 piece TAMA drum kit with Sabian cymbals & he's really happy about having got it & the new cymbals (& he was given a piccolo snare & throne). He also had most of his kit stolen along with his car... [30/9/97] but he's put the two kits he has left together & is using that with great success & making loads of noise to boot. & That double bass is starting to kick major butt. [Why do U get the feeling we like the double bass?]

Kerryn just bought a new "Alesis DM5" module & a DDrum kick drum trigger. & man does this thing work well & sound good. Can't wait to try it out at a live gig with a decent PA & a compitent sound engineer. I haven't seen as much glee on someone's face when he came home with this, since I saw a pitbull come home with an arm in its mouth! & man is it a beauty. [11/02/2002]

And as I normally say I'll add more when I have more to say.


& if you are inclined go take a look @ Kerryn's Tattoos.