Marco was student at Wits U., where he had been fucking around for five years, doing Math, Physics & Applied Math. Being the oldest in the band gets him little to no respect, so he has to be content with just being the oldest, cool member of P.I.T.T.

Trying to be principle lyric writer has it's problems, due to conflicting beliefs & the fact that "everybody wants to have their say in what you're trying to write". Everyone seems to think he has a morbid fascination w/ killing things but he just says "To quote Peter Steele of Carnivore 'If you can't eat it or fuck it, kill it' ha ha ha". Sick little boy if I do say so myself. & since he's been a vegeterian for over ten years [since 1st of September 1997] he has to kill lots of things that he refuses to eat. ;)

As he is unable to play any instrument other than badly, he has no say in what gets written musically other than "That's a nice riff, now play it twice as fast and a lot heavier. Now there you go isn't that more like what you had in mind?" & to scare everyone to death now.... He has bought a 5 string Washburn bass (@ the suggestion of Stef) and will now have to learn how to play the beautiful instrument. He'll let you all know how things are progressing as things go on. He played bass live for the first time on our Hallowe'en gig @ Wings on the 31st of October 1997. & ten years later to the very day, he still can't play the thing.

He could ramble on for hours if left to it, so he won't be, and you can continue your journey through the world of P.I.T.T. w/o further ramblings.


This the coolest comic in the world & his personal favourite, go to The Poison Elves Home Page & see what I mean. & just to prove how much of a fan of the book he is, take a look @ this cool tattoo & decide for yourself.