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OK this page has plenty on pics, so the format was changed slightly & thumbnails were created. So just click on 'em to take a look @ the bigger pic. Great thanx go to Dave for his patience in capturing the pics, & then transfering them from video to Jpegs so U all can see them.

Here we have a work in progress. This is Marco's largest piece so far, & it is taken from the reprint of Drew Hayes' Poison Elves #1 (Sirius) [Not that JML's cover is bad, but Drew's is meaner].

Why I say in 'work in progress' is cos so far only four hours of work has been applied to the tattoo on the 10th of January 1998, & @ least another 12 or so hours will be needed to complete it.

The transfer on the leg

This is the shaven leg w/ the traced transfer on it that will make the basis for the outline & then farther work.

Some work in progress

This is Anthony 'Ant' Simmons (the Artiste) @ work on the canvas of Marco's Leg. Ant was working @ 'Rudy's Tattoos Hatfield' in Pretoria, ZA. Now having opened his own studio Phoenix Tattoos.

Grey outline completed

The preliminary outline has just been completed, in a light grey, so that it can be a guideline to follow for the 'black' linework & the shading that doesn't require any lines.

Colse-up of the grey lines

& here's a real close-up of the hilt & eyes, I know it's a bit fuzzy but it's more to show the detail that's going into the tattoo than anything else.

Slightly less close close-up

Same pic again, but w/ the fist clenching the blade. Notice the welts that have formed around the line... looks painful huh?

The shading begins

The hilt has had some shading done to it now, & U can see it starting to 'blossom'. & the glossy stuff up top is the plasma starting to flow.

Close-up of the shading

A nice close-up so U can see the detail in the shading.

Entire tattoo

The entire tattoo once all the shading that was done was complete. OK & if U look closely @ the right eye U'll see that the hair miraculously skips thru it..... but that was sorted out after the pic was taken.

Close-up of shading so far

Another close-up of the completed (so far) shading. What U think? Nice or what?

Healed tattoo

This is the same pic w/ a bit of a different accent on the colours.

On the 21st of March 1998 a second sitting was done @ 'Skin Inc.' in Pretoria, which is a division of 'Rudy's Tattoos'. Work was done on the gloved hand, the eyes & the ears (which you don't really get to see all that well in the above pics, but they curl around the leg quite nicely).... Greywash was done on all of the above & fuck does it look good. The blade & the cross-guard have been done in a chrome finish (ie: from brown to golden brown to gold to blue) & it looks real! The eyes also had some white put in (U know, the white of the eye part) & the irises are blue. Um... what more can I say???? Oh look for yourselves.

Ant hard @ work.

Here U see Ant hard @ work on Marco's leg, w/ Marco not squirming around for a change.

Greywashed ear

This is the ear on Marco's shin. & the greywash certainly gives it that really 3D effect that Ant's damn good @.

Close-up of shaded glove

Here is a nice close-up of the shaded glove, see what I mean about the 3D effect?

Shaded glove & dagger

A slightly more zoomed-out view of the glove & dagger, & now U can see the wrist part too.

Nice eyes

A nice close up of the eyes & the shading around them. & the crossguard has been chromed too.

Whole pic of 2nd sitting

OK here's what the leg looked like after the second sitting. All the metal (blade & crossguard) have been chrome finished. The ears & face have been greywashed & the eyes coloured in. The glove was also shaded & wrist piece added.

On the 11th of April, Marco went for a third sitting to get started on the hair.... & What he didn't realise was, that he was in for a whole lotta linework, as in the outline of the hair & Ant wanted to touch-up all the main lines on the existing work.

Drawing the hair

An outline for the hair is being 'penciled' in as a guideline for the needlework.

The real lines

Now U see those lines in ink format, & all the other outlines have been touched-up too.

Back of the calf

A view of the rear of the leg, same linework as before, but a few extra lines were added after the pic was taken (to fill it out more).

Side view

Now U get a full facial view of the leg w/ the hair outlines.

Damn nice eyes

'Look deep into my eyes & U will see who I am, my name is "Lusiphur" please take my hand' Now tell me those don't look real. & the white has been added to the hilt too.

Bloody beautiful

The rings & jewels have been done. & the blood oozing thru the fingers looks yummy.

How low can U go?

I guess cos U can't actually see the ankle bone, U won't really realise how far down those tendrils of hair go, & how painful they were to have put there.

End of 3rd sitting

A nice fullish view of all the work done so far. The lighting was better @ Dave's place, so this pic was taken there, about an hour after all the work was done.

On the 2nd of May Marco got the brown added to the glove, so it now has an authentic leathery look to it. & if U recall I said "& then there's the most painful & largest piece to do last.... the hair that should sleeve most of the leg" Well half of that was done & it wasn't nearly as painful an anticipated. A 'magnum' (seven needles; two flat rows of needles one above the other) was used, & it gives the hair a real 'strandy' appearance & is ... not much I can really say, U'll just have to see for yourselves when the pic is up.

& NOW..... It is finally complete... the colouring in of the hair on the back of the leg was done on the 23 of May 1998. This was by far the most painful part to have done. I guess this is cos the calf muscle has plenty of nerve endings & they don't take too kindly to being attacked by needles. All in all the pain was definitely worth it as the final result will testify. Pics will be up as soon as Dave's PC is up & running again, & Marco returns from his 3 week journey to the UK.

OK the above has all been done, but Marco still hasn't been able to get Dave to get a shot of the tat. So the one that is going up for now is the pic that Drew shall have in hand. It is way dark, so sadly the colour & finer detail doesn't come out as well as it does in sunlight. So as soon as Dave gets a shot of the tat that'll be here too.

The final productAnother Pic taken a year later.


Marco has just recently started a new PE character Parintachin (sketch courtesy of , thanx dude) & went for his first sitting on the 4th of December 1999. A pic of the chop is the one below.

Parintachin after 1st sitting

This is another of Ant's (Phoenix Tattoos) masterpieces, all the above was completes in 2 hours & Marco says is didn't hurt a bit.

Parintachin after final (fourth) sitting

The final product after 4 sittings & 8-10 hours. Completed on the 25th of May 2000.

Tribal on inside right calf

This is a tribal designed by Candice (Ant's wife & co-owner of Phoenix Tattoos), & lovingly applied by Ant in December 1999.

Tribal on right shin

Added in February 2001, this was done free-hand in 10 minutes w/ a marker & then w/ needles.

Tribal on back of right calf

Also added in February 2001, on the same day infact, designed by Ant.

The next 2 tattoos are others that Marco wears around all the time. They were originally done by a friend of his, Chris, but have since been touched-up by Ant, who did a much better job of them.

Tribal on outside right calf Feathers & band on left bicep

Tribal on outside right calf w/ added red

Ant added some red to the original tribal & filled in all the negative space in December 2000.

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