All photos on this page were taken by Warren @ The Jam in Cape Town on July the 2nd 1999.

Stef & Kerryn wait

Something we get to do a lot @ gigs if we're not doing all the work is wait around a lot.

Scheming for a cool Pose

While we were waiting, we planned a killer shot that we knew had to be taken. That's Malcolm, guitarist for 'Grämlich', leaving thru the doorway.

The FART pose

The killer pose of 'The Flatulent Trio'. That's Ronnie, drummer for 'Grämlich', standing in the doorway this time.

Kerryn running away

Kerryn bolts as he realises that Stef & Marco did more than pose in the previous shot!

Stef getting his goatie painted

Some back stage preparation before we hit the stage.

Grämlich pose too

Grämlich' took to the stage first & posed for us all! :-)

Grämlich in action

Grämlich' don't just pose, they get heavy & involved in their music too.


'V' played second.

P.I.T.T. up close

A nice close up of us & the stage we played on.

Stef & Marco headbang

As usual, there's the mandatory headbanging shots.

Marco jumping

Now that's what I call having no regard for gravity.

Kerryn drumming away

Some very rare shots of Kerryn, cos Warren managed to get to the drum kit.

Kerryn drumming away & away

Kerryn actually beats his skins.

Kerryn drumming away & away & away & ...

Wow & if he isn't looking at the camera in this pic.

Marco Singing

Marco put his head back & lets out some kind of guttural noise.


Stef playing his Jackson Warlock.


Tamlyn in her Goth bass playing pose.

P.I.T.T. from a distance

Well @ least we seems to have picked up some cool Cape Town supporters, thanx guys.


'Sacraphyx' went on last & kept the crowd 'vibing' 'til the end.

There was a really nice article in the Stage magazine about this gig, which I thought you may want to take a look at. I had the choice of typing the whole thing up or just scanning the 2 pages that were pertinent... I did the latter.


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