All pics on this page were taken by Dave & after having loaned us the photo's for over a year, I'm sure he'll want them back soon.


Ritchie played bass for us on all the '97 Battle of the Bands gigs.


Stef studiously plays his guitar.


Ritchie gets some hair in his face.


As usual, Kerryn hides behind his cymbals so no-one can take any decent photo's of him.

Band in action

A really nice shot of the entire band doing their thing.

Marco & Ritchie

Marco sings into his mic while Ritchie headbangs & plays his bass.

Stef & Marco

Marco headbangs while Stef plays his guitar.

Stef & Marco

& now Stef headbangs while Marco sings.

More action

Another action shot with everyone having hair in their faces.


Stef kicks in the ol' Marshall Distortion.


Marco, sporting a 'PITT' T-shirt & chin-fuzz, sings (as usual).

Stef & Marco

Stef plays the last bars of a song as Marco reaches for the sky.

Some nice pics huh?

Here are some more pics to look @.

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Some pics of our Cape Town Tour that took place in March/April 2000.

Some pics of our The Standard Music Venue, & debut U.K. gig in London in July 2001.

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