All pics on this page were taken by Warren (Tamlyn's FT), other than the one of him, which was taken by Tamlyn.

The mixing desk

This was the mixing desk used @ the gig... This is an in-house PA... Now we need more of these in JHB.

Stuffing our faces

Our staple diet in Durban consisted of eating loads of Roti's from Johnny's, man Marco wishs we had one of them in JHB, he'd never eat anywhere else.

Poster for the gig

This little poster was outside The Winston, we saw them... Why didn't the locals?


We have no idea what happened in this photo, but the hole in Warren's head was only on the photo & not really there, which is good else we might've had some problems getting him anywhere.

This is us on stage, where we were all suffering from heat exhaustion... well other than Kerryn, cos he has 2 fans pointed @ him.


Tamlyn, doing what she does, playing bass!


Marco, doing what he does... Screaming into a mic.


Stef, doing what he does best... Pulling funny faces!

Andrew from Hollow Point

Andrew, bassist for 'Hollow Point' gives us a smile.

Cleaning up

Ray (sound & barman @ The Winston [hand in mouth]), Dave (guitarist for 'Hollow Point') & Paul (drummer for 'Hollow Point' [in the background]) give us a hand cleaning up the mess we made on stage.

More packing away of stuff

Andrew chatting to Kerryn without actually doing any cleaning up.


We found this dragon in the pool room @ The Winston, & thought it was pretty cool.

Dragon close up

Same dragon, but just a little closer.

Some nice pics huh?

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