These are some pics of the heat on the 11th of October at Roxy's in Melville, after having played in the afternoon at Morgan's Cat.


Marco sticks his hand in his pocket... wonder what he's doing?

Kerryn & Tamlyn

Kerryn & Tamlyn grin while they wait for the next song to start.

Group shot

Roxy's has the crappest stage to play on, we're all lined up in a nice little row.

Here are some pics of us on stage @ MegaMusic Warehouse in JHB on the 7th of November '98 taken by Warren (Tamlyn's F.T. [Fuck Thing]) and Claire (Stef's woman @ the time, but sadly no longer).

We sat backstage for this gig for quite some time, so we took plenty of cool photos & plenty on stage too, but we'll start with these & then go to the others.

Kissy kissy

The band get nice & cosy & all lovey dovey.

What pretty faces we have

We too can pull faces when we want.

We're bored

Sitting around waiting is bloody boring stuff.


'Tryst' hail from Bloem & were the only other metal band @ the gig.


Claire is responsible for the cool facepaint & most of our photos.

Claire @ work

Claire hard at work on Kerryn's perty face.


Mommy these people are scary!


The rare smile.


There's more of this stuff in his veins than blood.


This be our pretty bassist.

Tamlyn again

& she has some cool clothes too.

Tamlyn & Warren

Tamlyn & her FT.

Tamlyn & Warren again

& here they are again.

Tamlyn & Marco

Nice face-paint, huh?

Kerryn & Marco

WE brush regularly. & No that's not Kerryn's hand on Marco's leg.

What a smile!

Sometimes we wonder about this little boy here....

Marco's Butt

We were getting bored back-stage, & U can see how amused Stef got at this cool butt shot.

Posed Band photo

A nice posed pic just before we went on stage.

Almost a posed photo

This one was taken B4 we had a chance to pose.

Chasing the Dragon

A nice shot of us during the opening number.

Stef, Marco & Kerryn

Stef strikes a pose, Marco strikes a Paverotti pose & Kerryn hides behind the cymbals.


Tamlyn plays her bass, with Richard's (Slugs of War) bass in the background as a back-up.

Stef & Marco

Stef & Marco sing in unison.

Marco, Kerryn & Tam

Italians always talk with their hands, to amused females & invisible drummers.

Stef & Marco

Hands outstreched to ask the world "Why?"

Stef & Tam

Stef grinding his guitar, with Simon Foulds giving the 'Sign of the Beast'.

Tam & Stef & some fans

Stef bangs his head & at his feet are some fans. Furhterest away with his hands in his pockets is Steven & Boris (Rapture) in the camo.

Stef, Marco & Tam

We all let our hair down. Steven bangs his hairless dome infront of us.


A nice view of the stage from the middle of the P.I.T.T.

Marco & Tam

Marco opens up his throat & Tam pounds her bass.


Tam plays her bass, loud!


Marco singing, with the P.I.T.T. banner in the background.


Stef winds that guitar

Stef sings

Stef plays guit & does some backing vocals.

Boris & Rob

Boris (Rapture) & Rob doing some support & banging of their own.

Marco, Stef & Tam

Marco growls away, while Stef & Tam play Guit in the background.

Hair flow

Marco doing what he does best... Headbanging.

Tam w/ hair in her face

Tamlyn gets into the flow of things too.


Tamlyn checks where she is after a bout of headbanging.


Stef doing some more backing vocals w/ a lot of hair in his face.


A full body shot of Kerryn, even tho U can't see his face.

Some nice pics huh?

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