All pics on this page were taken by Warren (Tamlyn's FT), other than the ones of him, which were taken by P.I.T.T. Members.

We left for Cape Town on Thursday the 30th of March & drove thru the night to get there by morning.

Leaving JHB

This is us in our sponsored tops & car from FIAT South Africa.

Kerryn ruining a photo

Here we have Kerryn ruining what could've been a perfectly good photo!
We'd also like to extend our thanx to FIAT South Africa for sponsoring our tour to the Cape by allowing us to use a FIAT Ulysse [to view info about the car, all U need to do is click on the Virtual Showroom button on the FIAT page & then find the car U're looking for... It looks like a space age van] for transport. Now if we could only afford to buy this as a tour vehicle, we'd definitely do it without a second thought. :-) Thank you FIAT once again!

We played @ The Big Tree on the 31st of March 2000.

Big Tree Banner

This is the banner that greeted us outside The Big Tree in the Strand.

The Tree

Here's the fresco inside the venue that I assume gives it it's name.

Setting up @ the Big Tree

Stef & Kerryn set up everything on stage before sound check.

Unloading stuff from the Ulysse

As U can see we had everything neatly packed in the Ulysse & we needed to unload everything to get at anything.

The P.I.T.T. boys

Here's a nice pic of us sitting around in the dark during someone else's sound check.


Stef with his trademark green goatee, & in the background there's Ronnie (Grämlich drummer) to his left & Colin (Grämlich photographer) to his right.

Grämlich @ the Big Tree

Grämlich played first & really got the crowd going. Here U see Sebastian on vocal, Glynis on Bass & Braam on Guitar, well U would see if it wasn't for all the hair in the way.


Esther of Grämlich on keyboards.


Malcolm of Grämlich on guitar.


Sebastian of Grämlich on vocals

Grämlich @ the bigger Tree

Grämlich & their amazing stage presence.

Marco jumping

Marco doing one of his regular jumps, with Kerryn peeping thru his legs.


Kerryn starting to look a little weak on the drums there.


Marco singing into a mic, instead of jumping around for a change.


Tamlyn thumping out the tune on her bass.

Marco jumping again

Marco doing another of his regular jumps, with Stef in the background this time.


Pothole took the stage last, but boy did they cook up a storm. Adam was on guitar & vocals, Davey on drums & Jacques on bass.


Davey of Pothole on the drums.

Tamlyn with Piggytails

While waiting to leave, after having packed the Ulysse, Warren & I got bored & attacked Tamlyn & gave her some killer piggytails, here's the result. :-P

We played @ The Purple Turtle on the 1st of April 2000.

Grämlich @ Purple Turtle

Grämlich went on stage 1st again, so they could party longer than any of the other bands.


Esther with tones of equipment around her.


Malcolm looking really 'sexy' in his transparent shirt.

P.I.T.T. @ The Purple Turtle

Us making a little noise @ The Purple Turtle & being extremely rude too. :-)


Marco looking all mild & meek, or something... NOT!


Stef trying to swallow his mic.


Tamlyn in a Gothic bass player pose.

Kerryn Passed Out

Kerryn passed out backstage w/ Malcolm holding up his legs, this was a couple of minutes before we rushed him off to hospital. There was nothing wrong in the end, but a bad case of the flu (& to set the Doctor @ the hospital's mind at ease... NO WE WEREN'T TAKING "RECREATIONAL NARCOTICS", fucker), but we were worried nonetheless.


Sacraphyx played last, & we sadly missed them cos we had to rush our drummer off to the aforementioned hospital.

On the 2nd of April we had a huge get together @ Malcolm's place where ppl drank way too much, but the food & company was good so it was excused.

Malcolm & Camera

We had Malcolm running around trying to video tape everything that was happening. Wonder how much he actually got?

Colin, Stef & Malcom

Colin's trying to show Malcolm how to actually use the camera, but to no avail. Esp. with Stef distracting everyone in the room.

Stef & Braam

Stef's reading something while Braam's doing something w/ his hair.


Tamlyn sitting by quietly watching everyone else's goings on.


Ronnie being a mullet as usual.


The Sacraphyx boys Johan & Alec chill on the chairs outside, with Johan is his better & calmer half.

Marco, Helen & Corinne

Helen is a 'Net friend of Marco's that he's known for 4 years but met for the first time that day. Corinne was there for protection from us 'metalhead' types.

Kerryn, Marco & Helen

Kerryn, Marco & Helen chat & try to ignore the debauchery that's going on outside.

The Party moves indoors

The party started to move indoors just so that the ones trying to find peace were denied. We have (L-R) Colin, Malcolm, Glynis, Jacques feeding Stef beer & Ronnie.

Stef as drunk as a coot

No matter how much he denies it, we have this photo to prove that the boy was completely wasted, & the fact that he passed out for about an hour after the pic was taken was another indication, in that very spot too for that matter.

On the 3rd of April we did a few social things before heading back home to Johannesburg.

Lunch @ Long Street Cafe

We all went for a lovely lunch @ the Long Street Cafe.

Warren, Tam & Ronnie watching videos

Watching videos @ Ronnie's place after lunch. U can see Warren & Ronnie... Tam's in the photo too, but where??? ;-)

Stef , Kerryn & Warren watching videos

Here U can see Stef & Kerryn & a very darkened bit of Warren.

Glynis, Stef & Kerryn watching videos

Stef's giving Glynis a hug while Kerryn lounges in the next couch.

Malcolm, Marco & Glynis watching videos

Malcolm lies back while Marco tries to show off a tongue bolt & Glynis is still in the pose from the previous photo.

Loading the Ulysse

Kerryn & Malcolm try show off how neatly we've packed the Ulysse. Man that things was a beaut.

Dinner @ Malcolm's place

Malcolm's mom (Jo) made us all dinner for our long trip home, & we couldn't help but finish everything that was laid before us, not only owing to our gluttony, but it was damned good.

The other side of the table

Marco even got his own bowl of vegetarian lasagne, the joys of not eating meat & having to share w/ everyone else.

Sleeping on the way home

Kerryn & Marco get some well deserved sleep on the way home in the Ulysse.

Some nice pics huh?

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