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Deathfest 2003

Steve "Jesus" Green's review of our set @ the Deathfest 2003 held @ London Underworld:
I've seen P.I.T.T. on 4 or 5 occasions and only once have they managed to attain decent sound. Today was one of those were the sound was woeful and therefore (for me) ruined their set. It wasn't until 4th song in Cage In Hell that any semblance of clarity was heard. The bad sound did highlight one fact though, what a fucking good drummer Kerryn is. He dominated the mix that was devoid of vocals and bass throughout and beat his kit into total submission. One comment that was made by many, was that P.I.T.T. are visually excellent. Despite gaining a few pounds in weight recently (ha ha), vocalist Marco is still a bundle of frantic energy on stage.
Hopefully the exercise will help trim the old waistline. As well as Marco's waistline, the band have also expanded. I've said the past they needed a 2nd guitar to fill out their sound, and that's exactly what they've done. Bassist Alex has joined Stef on guitar and Marius has been recruited for bass duties. The result of the fuller sound was highlighted on old favourite The Hand That Feeds and more evidently on new track Watching, which was an absolute killer. Despite the poor sound, P.I.T.T. gained a good crowd response and I'm sure a few new fans were made today.

Deathfest 2002

Steve "Jesus" Green's review of our set @ the Deathfest 2002 held @ The Kingston Peel:
"It was up to P.I.T.T. to light the touch paper, and boy did they explode. This is the 3rd time I've seen the South African reprobates, but this is the 1st time I've seen them where the sound's been decent. And what a difference it makes, they thrashed like bastards from start to finish. And I guess as they were the opening band, they had nothing to lose. They were totally relaxed and this reflected in their performance. Kerryn's drum sticks occasionally attempted to make connection with vocalist Marco's head, but missed every time. Better luck next time mate. And in keeping with the relaxed vibe, guitarist Stef pleaded with the crowd to buy P.I.T.T. cds at every opportunity, basically because he needed some beer money. On a more serious note, although their performance was excellent, I do feel if they had a 2nd guitarist they'd slay even more."

Lodnon (sic) Nights

Pete Woods review on our set @ the tentatively titled "Lodnon (sic) Nights" at The Rifleman in Hounslow:
"I really had to feel sorry for headliners P.I.T.T. not only had they had their time slot decimated due to overrunning, they also had to suffer the worse sound imaginable. This was the second time I had caught this South African band and the second time this had happened. Most of the crowd had left by now as well, which really sucked. However from the quagmire of feedback something quite wicked this way came. P.I.T.T. really are quite an enigma to classify as they can be slow and brooding with an almost My Dying Bride mournfulness. However they suddenly explode into thrashy faster paced passages, which bring to mind a doom, laden Machine Head. Singer Marco jumps around the stage like he thinks hes at a kung fu exhibition, barking out vocals like a dog on heat. "Inquisition" stood out with a punky guitar driven feel that for some reason reminded me of The Subhumans' "Subvert City". Alas with the sound really becoming too much, we took to the streets and as for P.I.T.T. I would rather make a better judgement at a time when the bloody soundman is awake."

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