Here you will find a list of our lyrics. All are original & written by band members or associates of ours. All lyrics are copyright P.I.T.T. & if we ever find out you used 'em w/o our written consent, which must be signed by at least three band members, we will seriously fuck you up, OK? & we'll put more songs up here once we've played them live.

Sanctuary - The first song we ever did.
Gathering of Introverts - You figure it out.
Prison - Why? Must I impress you? AKA our 'punk' song.
7:13 - The time it was when we finished this song.
Sixteen Decembers - A ballad that we haven't done for a long time but must do again.
Rogue Trooper - Fast & Heavy.
Pessimistic Overture - Fuck nuclear testing.
Blood On My Hands - Women trouble. No not that you dirty bastards.
Morosity - You know. When you're feeling down.
The Dreamer - About a little boy w/ nightmares.

The next three songs were heard by a live audience for the first time on the 31st of October 1997.
Cages of the Mind - Well I'm sure it's pretty self explanatory.
Inquisition - A song about few of the things the Church got up to in the middle ages.
P.I.T.T. - A song about us & the people that dig what we do & the scene in general.

This next song was played for the fist time on Saturday the 14th of March 1998, which was at Kerryn's 21st.
Rape of Innocents - A song about something really dear to Nick, as the kid in the first line died in his arms.

These next five songs were all played for the fist time on Friday the 4th of September 1998.
Spellbound - Are the women of our dreams really women???
Why Should I Believe? - Am I a satanist cos I don't belive in god? I don't think so!
Chasing the Dragon - Read it & let us know what U think, I think it's subtle enough to get radio play.
Little White Room - We all have a place we retreat to, some of us get no choice about going there though.
The Hand That Feeds - Our parents are the most important people in our lives when we're young, but why can't we make them happy?

This song was written by Stef & Marco in March '97 & was only played for the first time on the 18th of September '98.
Lover's Lament - How can we pin all our hopes & love into someone that doesn't care? & Is suicide really the answer?

On Friday the 30th of October [Devil's Night] we played 'Bulldozer Tactics' for the first time, & it would appear that it went down a storm.
Bulldozer Tactics - Is the raping of Mother Earth really worth all the effort we put into it?

On Saturday 27th of February 1999 we played 'Nightmare Skies' for the first time. This must be the fastest we've ever completed a song & played it live (grand total of 2 weeks).
Nightmare Skies - A nice song about being abducted from Earth to fight on planets far away.

On Saturday 24th of April 1999 (actually it was at about 03h00 on Sunday the 25th) we played 'Sweetest Child' for the first time. The few people that were awake @ the gig said the song was pretty cool.
Sweetest Child - A song about a psychopaths antics.

On Friday the 25th of June 1999 we played 'What a Beautiful World' to a captive PTA audience, & the response was favourable.
What a Beautiful World - I guess this is about disillusion & the way we see others deal with it.

On Saturday the 23rd of October 1999 we played 'Shrouds of Darkness' to a handful of ppl that were still around @ the Metalennium gig.
Shrouds of Darkness - I'm not too certain what this is about, but it appears to be about disillusion with society & the state of our times.

On Friday the 3rd of March 2000 we played 'Infernal Flames' to a packed Hunters.
Infernal Flames - Song about being trapped in the dark & being denied the light of day.

On Wednesday the 24th of May 2000 we played 'Flames of Power: Infernal Flames - Part II' to a rather empty Hunters.
Flames of Power - This takes off where 'Infernal Flames' ended.

On Saturday the 16th of December 2000 we played 'Darkness Soothing: Infernal Flames - Part III' to a rather packed Nile Crocodile. Another song that debuted that evening was 'Cage In Hell' & its intro 'Forced Disillusion'.
Darkness Soothing - This takes off where the other two 'Infernal Flames' ended.
Forced Disillusion - The words here are a nice précis of the complete album
Cage In Hell - Basically about the abhorrence of vivisection & an animal getting its own back.

On Wednesday the 29th of May 2002, a year and a half since we debuted any new material, we played 'Ashamed' to a small but appreciative crowd at the The Kingston Peel.
Ashamed - Don't U hate being labelled & hated owing to the deeds of your ancestors?

On Saturday the 15th of July 2002, at 15h10 we debuted 'Children of the Earth' to an eager crowd at the The Kingston Peel.
Children of the Earth - Abusing Earth & taking her forgranted.

On Friday the 9th of May 2003 we played as a 5 piece for the 1st time in a good 4 years & deflowered 2 new songs @ the gig we played @ Section 8 'Sanctum' night held @ The Electrowerkz.
Fear No Evil - God & Satan don't exist, deal with it.
Watching - Because stalking is such an ugly word.